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Calamari 3 - Calamari Spa VoyeurAfter the events of CALAMARI SPA FANTASIES, where Mona discovers the spa and its erotic tentacle massages…

After CALAMARI BEACH THREESOME where Mona explores the roughness of wild tentacle sex with her friend Kate…

A new paranormal quickie with tentacles: CALAMARI SPA VOYEUR.

Mona is broke and searching a new job after too many visits to Karl, her favourite masseur at the Calamari Spa, and cannot afford to be a client there anymore. Times are hard, and release is escaping her. If only she could once again feel satisfied, she might be able to focus on getting another job! Thankfully, the manager is going to make her an offer she cannot refuse.

Short story, ≈ 3000 words (13 pages)

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Calamari 1 - Calamari Spa Fantasies Calamari 2 - Calamari Beach Threesome Calamari 3 - Calamari Spa Voyeur

# 99 cents# short stories# standalone# tentacles

Enter the Calamari Spa world where TENTACLES abound, EROTIC MASSAGES are SEXY and ROUGH, and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to SATIATE HER NEEDS. Mona’s adventures are best read in order, but all stories are STANDALONE.


Who: You and me, baby.

Where: In your e-reader, writing about sex and tentacles.

When: Whenever you need a little alone time.

Why: Because FUCK YOU, that’s why! *eyebrow waggle*